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Atlantis Hotel Dubai Deals?

How much does it cost to stay at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai?


Provider Nightly total
Snaptravel $28
Stayforlong $32
TripAdvisor $54

Is Atlantis Dubai expensive?

Water, eater everywhere: The Palm Atlantis is an underwater-themed resort covering 46 hectares. Suites cost from $610 to $52,000 per night (the ‘Bridge Suite’ is fabled as the world’s most expensive) and in keeping with this theme, the Atlantis lobby is very splashy indeed.

Is Atlantis Dubai all inclusive?

Do you offer All Inclusive Packages? No, we only offer Bed and Breakfast, and Half Board Packages.

How much does it cost to stay at Atlantis The Palm?

Royal Towers rooms start at $242 per night for a terrace-view room and go up to $5,219 per night for a two-bedroom royal suite. The Harborside Resort features residential-style villas, which average $284 per night for one bedroom. Premium two-bedroom villas start at $734 per night.

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Can you visit Atlantis for free?

Atlantis for FREE! It was our first time over to Paradise Island (we‘ve been to Nassau 3 times). Without paying the heavily overpriced excursions to Atlantis, I think we made out pretty good. Atlantis has a lot to offer, even if you have not paid.

Is Atlantis Dubai a 7 star hotel?

The only 7 Star Hotel in the World – Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark.

What is the most expensive room at Atlantis?

The Atlantis Atlantis Bridge Suite $25,000 per night

The Atlantis Bridge Suite has the distinction of being the most expensive hotel suite in the world—it’s $25,000 a night.

What is the fanciest hotel in the world?

The Burj Al Arab is frequently recognized as the world’s most luxurious hotel.

Can we visit Atlantis Dubai without staying there?

1. Re: Can we see the Atlantis without staying there? Yes, you can look around, but it would be better to go for dinner as it’s quite a long way out.

Is Dolphin Bay free for Atlantis guests?

No, it’s chargeable.

What is included in Atlantis stay?

As our guest, you have full access to all Atlantis water park features at no additional cost. Included are 11 swimming areas, 11 water slides, two Lazy River Rides, our protected Paradise Lagoon, The Dig, the Predator’s Lagoon, all of our marine life habitats, and the ocean beach area.

What restaurants are included in half board Atlantis Dubai?

The following restaurants are available under the half board meal plan: Kaleidoscope, Saffron (supplement applies during Chinese New Year), Ayamna, The Edge, The Shore, TBJ, Asia Republic, Plato’s. Ronda Locatelli and Seafire are included, but at a supplement.

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Why is Atlantis so expensive?

I think one of the reasons why the Atlantis is so expensive is to pay for the upkeep of their marine habitat. The resort offers 14 lagoons, eight million gallons of salt water and more than 50,000 aquatic animals representing over 250 marine species.

How much is a room in Dubai underwater hotel?

Price: The price range of the underwater hotels in Dubai starts from $314 and goes up to $25000 for a single night stay in the luxurious underwater suites and villas.

How much is a trip to Atlantis for a family of 4?

Atlantis on a budget – Family of 4 all inclusive with flight under $3000.

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