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FAQ: Best Hotel To Stay In Tokyo?

What is the best area to stay in Tokyo for tourists?

The best places to stay are Shinjuku, the Tokyo Station Area, Ginza/Hibiya, Shibuya or Roppongi. Other decent places to stay include Nihombashi, Shinagawa, Hamamatsucho and Shiodome. Try to stay near a Yamanote Line (Tokyo loop line) station.

Where should a first time tourist stay in Tokyo?

While there are hotels everywhere in the city, you should definitely try to stay in one of the city’s main urban hubs on the JR Yamanote loop line. The best places to stay are: Shinjuku, the Tokyo Station Area, Ginza, Marunouchi or Roppongi.

Is it better to stay in Shinjuku or Shibuya?

Shinjuku. Definitely Shinjuku, Shibuya is really nice and interesting to visit but Shinjuku is a much better base with a lot more to do 24 hours. Yes, Shinjuku is a good choice. Shibuya is also attractive, but the biggest drawback is a lack of budget places to stay, as real estate is really expensive.

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Is it better to stay in hotels or Airbnb in Japan?

Airbnb is generally considered cheaper in Japan. If you are traveling in a group, it is much cheaper renting an entire house with Airbnb than renting two or more rooms with a hotel. You can even try negotiating the price with the host and most offer discounts for weekly and monthly rentals.

What is the best month to visit Tokyo Japan?

The best time to visit Tokyo is between March and April and September and November. Autumn ushers in colorful foliage and comfortable temperatures. Spring brings in much of the same, but instead of vibrant fall hues, the foliage you’ll see here are cherry blossom trees in full bloom.

How far is Shinjuku from Tokyo?

Distance from Tokyo to Shinjuku

The shortest distance (air line) between Tokyo and Shinjuku is 0.73 mi (1.17 km). The shortest route between Tokyo and Shinjuku is 0.97 mi (1.56 km) according to the route planner.

What should I avoid in Japan?

13 Things You Should Never Do in Japan

  • Don’t break the rules of chopstick etiquette in Japan.
  • Don’t wear shoes indoors when visiting Japanese homes (and some businesses).
  • Skipping the line when waiting for trains (or anything else) in Japan.
  • Don’t blow your nose in public.
  • Don’t leave a tip.
  • Avoid loud phone conversations while on public transit in Japan.

How many days in Tokyo is enough?

Four days in Tokyo gives you enough time to see the city and make one day trip out of the city. My four-day Tokyo itinerary is the best way to make use of four days in this incredible city.

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Is it safe to walk around Tokyo at night?

As mentioned above, Tokyo is generally a safe city to walk around – even late at night – and most visitors experience minimal (if any) hassle by locals. You should nevertheless maintain a certain degree of street sense and awareness around you, particularly if you are a female walking alone later in the evening.

Is Shinjuku dangerous?

In Shinjuku, in particular, the areas of Kabukicho far away from Shinjuku Station are not very safe. You could say that the entertainment districts of Shinjuku and Shibuya, as well as the residential area of Setagaya, have comparatively high crime rates.

What is Shinjuku known for?

Shinjuku (新宿) is one of the 23 city wards of Tokyo, but the name commonly refers to just the large entertainment, business and shopping area around Shinjuku Station. Shinjuku Station is the world’s busiest railway station, handling more than two million passengers every day.

How do I get from Shibuya to Shinjuku?

The best way to get from Shinjuku to Shibuya station without a car is to subway which takes 7 min and costs ¥170 – ¥190. How long does it take to get from Shinjuku to Shibuya station? The subway from Shinjuku-sanchome to Shibuya takes 7 min including transfers and departs every five minutes.

Is Airbnb banned in Japan?

Airbnb is totally legal in Japan. All Airbnb hosts are required to register their listing and display a license number on their listing page. A few months after these rules were implemented Airbnb did a major cleanup and removed all unregistered properties.

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Where should a family stay in Tokyo?

The best districts for kids are Shinjuku, Shibuya and Roppongi. Ueno is also good, because of the park, zoo and museums. And, the Tokyo Station Area is decent because it’s close to everything. Here are some hotels that make an extra effort to be welcoming to families traveling with children.

Is there airbnb in Tokyo?

Tokyo Vacation Rentals & Homes – Tokyo, Japan | Airbnb.

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