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FAQ: Bondi Hotel Opening Hours?

What is there to do in Bondi at night?

There are several bars and restaurants along the beach that comes to life at night. You may party late into the night, hit the dance floor, munch on excellent pub food, and enjoy drinks with friends. Some of the best places to go at night in Bondi are The Anchor, The Corner House, Speakeasy Bar, and The Crossing.

Who owns Bondi?

Sydney lock-out regulations have investors and private operators investing in suburban-Sydney pubs. Hotel Bondi, was recently sold to the son of the original owner, the late Cyril Maloney, for $43 million. Capit. El Group.

Who owns the Beach Road Hotel Bondi?

The opportunity to bring Maybe Frank to the masses visiting the iconic beach was just too good to refuse says co-owner Vince Lombardo. “The space itself is exactly what you want for a summer pop-up.

Where can I go out in Bondi?

These places are best for bars & clubs in Bondi:

  • Speakeasy Bar.
  • Bondi Hotel.
  • The Nelson Hotel.
  • Bondi Bowling Club.
  • The Corner House.

Where can I go at night in Sydney?

Top 10 fun and free things to do in Sydney at night

  • Walk Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sydney, New South Wales.
  • Watch the sunset at North Head. Sydney sunsets are legendary, and none more so than those over the water.
  • Art After Hours, Art Gallery of NSW.
  • The Domain & Royal Botanic Garden.
  • Fairy penguins in Manly.
  • Beach barbecue at Bronte.
  • Historic Luna Park.
  • Cheap eats in Chinatown.
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Is Bondi safe?

The risks of Bondi Beach aren’t limited to the water. Since it’s such a tourist hotspot, theft is common. Best not to leave your goods unattended on the beach while testing the waters–as I often do when I’m solo. Basically, laying out—or, God forbid actually swimming— at Bondi Beach isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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