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FAQ: Hong Kong Airport Transfer To Hotel?

Is there Uber in Hong Kong airport?

Whether you’re going from Hong Kong Airport to Kowloon City or from Disneyland to Hong Kong Airport, count on Uber to get you there.

How do I get from Hong Kong airport to my hotel?

The most convenient way to reach Hong Kong downtown area is by taking a Hong Kong airport taxi. Hong Kong has three types of taxis: Urban, New Territories and Lantau taxis. When you are travelling from the airport to the city centre of Hong Kong you must hire an urban taxi.

Does Hong Kong airport have a transit hotel?

Hong Kong Airport Transit Hotel, “World’s Best” | Regal Airport Hotel.

How much is a taxi from Hong Kong Airport to Kowloon?

Taxi service (up to 4 people) is generally HK$225-250 (+5 for each piece of luggage) for Kowloon based destinations and HK$290-320 (+5 for bag) for most Hong Kong Island destinations.

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Are taxis cheap in Hong Kong?

Taking a Hong Kong taxi is a bargain compared to the prices in other major cities, such as London and New York, and you’ll find people hopping in a taxi in Hong Kong far more frequently. And, with nearly 20,000 cabs roaming the city’s streets, you shouldn’t find it hard to hunt one down.

Is it illegal to use Uber in Hong Kong?

Officially, Uber service is illegal in Hong Kong, as the government clarified explicitly that Uber drivers broke the law by offering car hiring services without any license or third-party insurance.

Can I sleep in Hong Kong airport?

Hong Kong Airport offers designated zones with comfortable rest chairs, perfect for tired travellers looking to relax and enjoy some stress-free time before their flight. Locations: Departures Level near Gates 21, 34, 31, and 61.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Hong Kong?

Tipping etiquette in Hong Kong

Be sure to check your bill. Tipping a taxi driver is neither obligatory nor expected, beyond perhaps leaving behind the 50 cents you may be owed in change. If the fare is a whole number, don’t feel bad not tipping, unless the driver has really gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Does Cathay Pacific provide hotel stay for long layovers?

No, many airlines do not provide overnight accomodation, and very few provide it for economy passengers. To answer your question, Cathay Pacific does not.

Can I go out of the airport during a layover in Hong Kong?

Top Things to Do During a Layover in Hong Kong. If your layover is less than 5 hours, you are not recommended to leave the airport as it takes at least 45 minutes to travel to and from Hong Kong International Airport, and you will need to return 2 hours before your next flight.

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What can you do in Hong Kong airport transit?

Even if you’re flying in and out of T1, Terminal 2’s SkyPlaza, a business and entertainment complex, is definitely worth the visit.

  • Eat. Hong Kong is a foodie city – and you can experience a bit of that inside the airport.
  • Lounge.
  • Shop.
  • Shower.
  • Spa.
  • Play some (virtual) sports.
  • Enjoy a movie.
  • Golf.

Can I sleep in airport lounge?

Head to Airport Lounges

The downside is that most lounges aren’t open overnight. There are exceptions though, such as the Plaza Premium Lounge in Hong Kong. However, many lounges allow you to buy a day pass, which can get you access to food, showers and a place to rest if you didn’t get much sleep the night before.

Is there tipping in Hong Kong?

Tipping isn’t a big part of Hong Kong culture. Hotels and restaurants usually add a 10% service charge; however, in almost all cases this money does not go to the waiters and waitresses.

How much is the train from Hong Kong Airport to Kowloon?

Airport Express

Smart Ticket Octopus
From Airport to Adult Child
Hong Kong Station $115 $55
Kowloon Station $105 $50
Tsing Yi Station $70 $32.5

Can you walk from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island?

1 Answer. No, no way to walk from Kowloon to Hong Kong island, there are several ferries to cross the harbour, but none of them is free. There is no tunnel you can walk through either, just motor traffic.

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