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FAQ: Hotel Cecil Los Angeles?

Is the Cecil Hotel in LA still open?

The same year, it was named a historic-cultural monument by the Los Angeles City Council. Work on the hotel is scheduled for completion in October 2021, but the hotel still remains closed at present. According to reports, the new renovations will include 299 hotel rooms and 264 affordable residential units.

How many murders happened at the Cecil Hotel?

Originally opened as a middle-class hotel on December 20, 1924, in Downtown Los Angeles, it eventually became a budget hotel, hostel, and rooming house. Its reputation is due to at least 16 sudden or unexplained deaths that have occurred in or around the hotel.

How much does it cost to stay at the Cecil Hotel?

How much does it cost to stay at Cecil Hotel/Stay On Main? According to, basic room rates for the Stay on Main hostel ranged between $21 and $53 per night.

Why did Cecil Hotel closed?

The Cecil Hotel, at one point renamed Stay on Main, was sold to a real estate developer in 2014 (roughly a year after Elisa Lam’s death) and officially closed in 2017 for extensive renovations. As of 2021, the hotel remains closed for ongoing renovations.

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Is Skid Row still dangerous?

In short, to answer your question, it is still somewhat dangerous depending on what time of night that you go to skid row. During the day you might run into some people doing drugs or strung out in that area, but they are mainly harmless.

Is the hotel in American horror story real?

The Hotel Cortez from AHS: Hotel was initially based on an actual hotel built by H. H. Holmes in Chicago. Later known as the ‘Murder Castle’, the hotel was built specifically for Holmes to torture and dispose of the people he murdered, much like Evan Peters’ character James March.

Who has died in the Cecil Hotel?

Whether it opened in 1924 or 1927, the Cecil didn’t make it very long before it had its first death. The death was that of 52-year-old Percy Ormond Cook, who died by suicide inside his hotel room on January 22, 1927, after not being able to reconcile with his wife and child.

How often do people die in hotels?

The global mortality rate during this period ranged between 8.8 and 8.3 per 1,000 per year, we’ll call it 8.5 so every year 98,175 people die in hotel rooms or 1,963,500 over 20 years.

What is the Cecil Hotel now?

It’s Not Actually Called The Cecil Hotel Anymore.

In 2011, new management renamed it Stay on Main, a reference to its location on Los Angeles’ South Main Street. However, most people—and the Netflix series—still refer to it as the Cecil.

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Can you tour the Cecil Hotel?

Though the murders and supernatural sightings that have happened at the hotel are so infamous that it served as inspiration for American Horror Story: Hotel, the Cecil is currently closed to all visitors.

Is American horror story hotel based on the Cecil Hotel?

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

“A girl got in an elevator in a downtown hotel,” Murphy said. American Horror Story: Hotel is based on the Cecil Hotel.

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