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FAQ: Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel?

How do I get to Stradbroke Island from Main Beach?

Access to Main Beach can be attained from George Nothling Drive, Point Lookout or the Causeway entry off Tazi Road. Access to Flinders Beach is through Point Lookout or Amity Point. Driving on sand dunes is not permitted. Main Beach and Flinders beach are two areas with beach campsites.

Are there sharks at Stradbroke Island?

The Amity Island in Jaws was a fictional place, but the real Amity Point on Stradbroke Island has, unfortunately, been the site of some horrific recent shark attacks. But as much press coverage as those attacks generate, they’re rare, and common sense offers excellent protection.

Can you stay on Stradbroke Island?

If you‘re looking for budget Straddie accommodation, you‘re in luck! There are North Stradbroke Island accommodation options to suit every budget. Camping is always a popular option for those trying to keep their costs down, and there are several campgrounds across the island, including right on the beach.

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Can you swim at Stradbroke Island?

Swimming. The beaches on North Stradbroke Island are crystal clear and the island is blessed with wonderful weather all year round meaning no matter when you visit you can still swim! Just make sure you choose patrolled beaches when swimming in the sea.

Can you swim in Blue Lake Stradbroke Island?

Route/Trail notes

Make sure to carry drinking water. The lake is a place of significant cultural value to the Quandamooka people and they request that visitors respect that significance by not swimming in the lake.

Do you need a car on North Stradbroke Island?

While you can’t drive to Stradbroke Island, you can access the island by car via a vehicle taxi. Once on the island, you only need a 2WD car to access the three main townships – Dunwich, Amity, and Point Lookout – which are connected by sealed roads. A 4WD is only required for travelling over the beaches.

Can you snorkel at Stradbroke Island?

North Stradbroke Island boasts some fantastic snorkelling sites a short ride from Point Lookout. With no experience required, Manta Lodge & Scuba Centre’s snorkelling trips can get you up close and personal with some of the amazing marine life that call the island home.

Where is North Stradbroke Island?

North Stradbroke Island (Jandai: Minjerribah), colloquially Straddie or North Straddie, is an island that lies within Moreton Bay in the Australian state of Queensland, 30 kilometres (19 mi) southeast of the centre of Brisbane.

Which Stradbroke Island is better?

South Side. South Stradbroke Island is much less developed, with fewer tourists and locals roaming around. If you prefer the quiet life, the South is perfect for you, as it is filled with unspoiled scenery and tranquil activities.

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How much is the ferry to North Stradbroke Island?

Passenger Fares

Single Trip Multi-Ticket (10 returns)
Adult $9.00 $120.00
Child (5 – 14 years) $6.00 $75.00
Student* $8.00 $103.00
Concession* $4.50 $60.00

Can dogs go to Stradbroke Island?

Yes, dogs are allowed on Stradbroke Island. Your furry friend can travel with you on both the water taxi and vehicle ferry. You’ll also find several dog-friendly accommodation options at Point Lookout and Amity Point, as well as foreshore camping sites on Main and Flinders Beach that permit pets.

Can you walk around Stradbroke Island?

Make your way across then use the local bus, walk or cycle around the island. There are two ways to do this, you can go as a walk-on passenger on the vehicle ferry or the faster and more comfortable option we prefer is to take the Stradbroke Flyer.

Are there snakes on North Stradbroke Island?

About 16 species of snakes occur on North Stradbroke Island. Species most likely to be encountered include the carpet python (Python spilotes); green tree-snake (Dendralaphis punctulatus); and the red-bellied black snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus). Several species of sea snakes also occur.

Are there dingoes on North Stradbroke Island?

Dingoes are unlikely to suppress fox impacts on Fraser Island, and dingoes are not present on South Stradbroke Island. The response to foxes on these islands has so far been limited to detection efforts.

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