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FAQ: The Shamrock Hotel Alexandra?

Did the Shamrock Hotel in Alexandra sell?

THE sale of the Shamrock Hotel and all of its rooms has settled for $13.667million in a takeover by managed fund group Moelis Australia. The Sydney company moved to take over the previous owner of the hotel, Redcape Hotel Group, and its 25 other pubs for a total of $677million in June.

Did the Shamrock Hotel Sell on Selling Houses Australia?

Since the pub was made over by Selling Houses AUSTRALIA the bistro area is a pleasant space! The outside space is wonderful but it was a bit cool to eat outside.

What year was Season 6 of Selling Houses Australia?

Season 6 (2013)

Why is Charlie leaving selling houses?

That really spurred me on to have a go at it.” This February when Albone announced he’d joined Better Homes and Gardens and was leaving Selling Houses Australia after 13 seasons, he got a reminder of just how passionate the viewers of the hit Foxtel show are.

Who is Charlie albone married to?

With two sons, it didn’t take long for Aussie landscape designer and TV host Charlie Albone and his interior stylist wife Juliet Love, to outgrow their two-bedroom home.

Has old Linton in Yass been sold?

If you’ve ever wanted to live in a heritage-listed, eight-bedroom house on 5.14 acres of land, you’re in luck – the Old Linton is still on the market after eight years. Stephe and Karina Jitts bought the manor, at 22 Glebe Street, Yass, in 2006 and say they had their eye on it much earlier.

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Is Fast Ed still married?

Ed Halmagyi (born February 1975), also known as “Fast Ed,” is an Australian TV presenter, chef, author, photographer and radio host.

Ed Halmagyi
Spouse(s) Leah Halmagyi
Children 2

What happened to Jason Hodges?

At the end of last year, it was revealed that landscaping expert – and fan favourite – Jason Hodges had been sacked after 16 years on Better Homes and Gardens. Much like his fans, Jason was taken by complete surprise, publicly stating that he was “absolutely gutted” to be dropped from the Seven Network.

Where does Charlie albone live?

He decided to move to Australia and has been living ever since. He completed a diploma of horticulture and landscape design and started his own landscaping company called Inspired Exteriors. Albone is married to stylist, interior designer and television host Juliet Love and they have two children.

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