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Hotel Near Narita Airport?

Does Narita Airport have a hotel?

“nine hours Narita Airport” capsule hotel with 24-hour reception and check in. This is a useful facility for customers leaving on early morning flights, as well as those needing a place to stay after or in between flights.

Is there anything near Narita airport?

Most people just take the first possible transport to Tokyo, but there are many interesting things to see at the city of Narita as well, these include the Shinjo-ji Temple, Sakura-no-Yama park and the Museum of aeronautical science. Narita Station is just 10 minutes away from the airport.

How do I get from Narita airport to hotel?

There are three connections per hour. Limousine buses to Shinjuku Station depart Narita Airport every 15 to 20 minutes. The one way journey takes about 105 minutes and costs 3200 yen. In addition, there are direct limousine bus connections to several major hotels in the Shinjuku area.

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What can you do in Narita airport for 3 hours?

8 Things to do on a layover at Tokyo Narita Airport

  1. Enjoy one (or more!) good meals. A layover here means you get a chance to explore the huge Japanese food scene, with over 100 eateries spread across the three terminals.
  2. Hang out in a lounge.
  3. Shop.
  4. Refresh with a shower.
  5. Pamper yourself.
  6. Go sightseeing.
  7. Get Connected.
  8. Sleep.

Can I stay overnight at Narita airport?

Sleeping in Tokyo Narita Airport

Travellers agree that this airport is sleep friendly! For uninterrupted sleep, day rooms are available to rent by the hour on the airside of Terminals 1 and 2, and a capsule hotel is located adjacent to Terminal 2. Otherwise, nearby hotels offer free shuttle service for guests.

Where can I shower in Narita Airport?

Located at Terminal 2 of Narita Airport, 9h nine hours is a capsule hotel that operates around the clock for transit passengers. You can choose to stay for a whole night, take a nap, or take a shower at 9h depending on your transit time. Their shower facilities are open 24 hours and costs 1,000 yen for an hour.

Can I leave the airport during a layover in Japan?

You could leave the airport during your layover. After passing through immigration, you can proceed to the train, which will be the fastest route to central Tokyo (there is also bus service, taxis, etc). Both the Narita Express and the Skyliner serve the airport.

What can you do with an 8 hour layover in Tokyo?


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What can you do in Narita airport for 4 hours?

4 Hour Layover or Less: Explore Narita Airport

  • Feast on the Restaurants.
  • Freshen up at the in-house hostel:
  • Catch Japanese Cultural Events.
  • Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.
  • Narita-san Park.

How do I get from the airport to my hotel in Tokyo?

  1. The Japan Rail (JR) Narita Express called NEX, goes mostly to Tokyo Station. Travel time to Tokyo Station is 60- 90 minutes.
  2. You will need to change trains at Tokyo Station for the Yamanote Line through to your hotel.
  3. The Keisei Skyliner Airport Express will take you to Ueno station or Nippori only.

How much is Narita Express ticket?

Fares and charges from/to Narita Airport Terminals 1 and 2·3

To Ordinary Cars
Narita Airport Terminal 1 Narita Airport Terminal 2·3 Tokyo 3,070 yen
Shinagawa Shibuya Shinjuku Ikebukuro 3,250 yen
Omiya 3,910 yen
Yokohama 4,370 yen

Is Uber available in Tokyo?

After six years in Japan, Uber Technologies Inc. has finally come to Tokyo. Starting Friday, users in the Japanese capital can hail taxis using the Uber app.

What is there to do at Narita Airport?

The Narita top ten

  • Use Narico, the world’s first voice-powered airport guide app
  • Peek inside Japanese theatre culture
  • Indulge in Japanese cuisine
  • Buy Narita-style souvenirs
  • Pick up some sweet Japanese snacks
  • Be surprised by what you get
  • Gaze at planes
  • Sushi-fy your nails

What can you do on a layover in Tokyo?

Things To Do On Your Next Tokyo Layover

  • Chill out at Traveler’s Lounge Rassurants or someplace else within the actual airport.
  • Venture through the little town of Narita.
  • Shop till you drop over at Omotesando.
  • Get in tune with Japanese culture.
  • Catch some zzzz’s in a capsule hotel.
  • Chow down like a local.
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Can I transit through Japan Airport?

If you are arriving at Narita Airport from overseas and transiting to a domestic flight, you must temporarily enter Japan and step inside the public area. Therefore, you will undergo an additional security screening before you board your domestic flight.

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