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Hotel Near Pratunam Market?

Is Pratunam a good area to stay?

Pratunam is central and is a good area for low-end shopping – street markets and that sort of thing. Accommodation in the area tends to be a little more reasonable than say Siam Square, Sukhumvit Road or Silom.

Which is better Pratunam or Chatuchak?

Pratunam is much smaller than Chatuchak and sells mostly clothes, accessories and some home decor items. There are some local food stalls as well. If you have less time, then choose Chatuchak. You will get to experience more in a short time.

How far is Pratunam from Sukhumvit?

The distance between Sukhumvit Road and Pratunam Market is 1 km.

Which is the best area to stay in Bangkok?

The 8 Best Areas To Stay in Bangkok

  • Siam Square. Siam Square is a shopping mecca, full of luxury shopping centers and bargain department stores, designer labels, and trendy fashion boutiques.
  • Khao San.
  • Sukhumvit.
  • Silom.
  • Chinatown.
  • Bangkok Old Town.
  • Dusit.
  • Thonburi.
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Where should I not stay in Bangkok?

11 Places You Should Avoid on Any Trip to Bangkok

  • Khaosan Road – overdone and overrated | © celblau/Flickr | © celblau/Flickr. Patpong.
  • It’s not for everyone | © Jason Wesley Upton/Flickr | © Jason Wesley Upton/Flickr. Nana Plaza.
  • Bangkok’s red light district | Paul Sullivan/ Soi Cowboy.

Is Bangkok Dangerous?

Bangkok is generally safe for travelers and backpackers, but it’s also incredibly hectic. Petty theft (including bag snatching) is the most common type of crime you’ll face. Also, some people will try to rip you off, including taxi drivers who refuse to turn on their meters.

Can you bargain at Chatuchak?

Unlike many of the other tourist markets in the country, Chatuchak is not a place for hard bargaining since all the competition keeps prices reasonable. If you‘re buying a lot from any one vendor, you may get a 10 – 15 percent discount, but rarely more than that. That said, you should still bargain for items a little.

Where can I buy cheap clothes in Bangkok?

10 Best Shopping Places in Bangkok for Cheap Clothes and More

  1. Platinum Fashion Mall. Highlights.
  2. Chatuchak Weekend Market. Image credit: tykhyi.
  3. Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Night Market. Image credit: Jen Nguyen.
  4. Pan Tip Plaza. Highlights.
  5. Pratunam Market. Highlights.
  6. MBK Center (Ma Boon Khrong Center) Highlights.
  7. Union Mall. Highlights.
  8. Victory Monument Market. Highlights.

What items are cheap in Bangkok?

Bangkok is so much more than just cheap clothes – here are 17 Must-Buy things you absolutely cannot leave Bangkok without! Ah, Bangkok.


  • Suthera’s Thai Coconut Roll.
  • Instant Phad Thai.
  • Mama Tom Yum Noodles.
  • Fried Shallots.
  • Bento Squid.
  • Koh-Kae Peanuts.
  • Royal Chitralada Milk Candy.
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Which is the best market in Bangkok?

The 6 Most Popular Shopping Markets in Bangkok

  • Sampeng Market (Yaowarat) Yaowarat, or Bangkok’s Chinatown, is one of the most exciting and busiest parts of the city.
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market (ซื้อของที่ตลาดนัดจตุจักร)
  • Saphan Phut (สะพานพุทธ)
  • Pratunam Market (ประตูน้ำ)
  • Khlong Toey Fresh Market (ตลาดคลองเตย)
  • Wang Lang Market (ตลาดวังหลัง)

Which BTS station is Pratunam?

Centrally located, Pratunam is well-covered by the Sukhumvit Line of the BTS Skytrain. From Ratchathewi BTS station in the south of Pratunam, it is only a 15 minutes walk to the centre of the action (the intersection of Phetchaburi Road and Ratchaprarop Road).

How much money do I need for 4 days in Bangkok?

A budget of 2,500 to 5,000 baht per day is enough to stay in a three or four star hotel, eat at most of Bangkok’s mid range and high-end restaurants and easily get around the city by taxi instead of depending on the BTS, khlong boats and bus system.

How many days do you need in Bangkok?

Three days is in our opinion not enough time to spend in this magnificent city. A week is more what we would recommend, then you have time to really enjoy yourself and your time in Bangkok and also have some time to relax. There are so much to do and see in this amazing city.

Where should I stay in Bangkok for the first time?

Table of Contents

  • Where to stay in Bangkok.
  • Sukhumvit – A hub of nightlife, dining, and shopping.
  • Siam – Shop till you drop.
  • Silom – Wall street by day, brothel by night.
  • Pratunam – Bangkok’s best and most authentic street food.
  • Riverside – Romantic river rides and five-star hotels.
  • Chinatown – The oldest town in Bangkok.
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