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Often asked: Hotel Transylvania 2 Rating?

Why is Hotel Transylvania 2 rated PG?

The MPAA rated Hotel Transylvania 2 PG for some scary images, action and rude humor.

Is Hotel Transylvania scary for a 4 year old?

Is it scary? No, not at all. There are some scenes in the beginning that are slightly scary, but quickly defused. Mostly, the movie pokes fun at scary movie conventions, like Dracula’s hypnotic powers or how the Invisible Man might play charades (hint: not well).

What age is Hotel Transylvania suitable for?

Overall comments and recommendations

Children under 8 Not recommended due to violence and scary scenes
Children 8-9 Parental guidance recommended due to violent and scary scenes.
Children aged 10 and over OK for this age group

Which Hotel Transylvania is the best?

The animated Hotel Transylvania franchise takes classic movie monsters and makes them kid-friendly, and while Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is the best-reviewed of the bunch so far, it still falls a bit short of its peers in the genre.

Does Netflix have Hotel Transylvania 2?

Sorry, Hotel Transylvania 2 is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching!

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How old is Johnny from Hotel Transylvania?

JonathanJohnny” Loughran is the tritagonist in the Hotel Transylvania series and a supporting major character in Hotel Transylvania 2. He is a 21-year-old human that stumbles upon a monster hotel. He is the son of Mike Loughran and Linda Loughran.

How old is Dracula in Hotel Transylvania in human years?

545-year-old Count Dracula founded the Hotel Transylvania after a mob of humans murdered his wife and Mavis‘ mother, Martha. He is controlling and distrustful of the human race, and he frequently clashes with his daughter on the subject.

How old is Mavis in human years?

Mavis, Dracula’s daughter is basically 118 years old according to the Dracula age, but in human years she is just another typical 18 year old teenage girl.

Is Frankenweenie suitable for a 5 year old?

But for kids old enough to get it (I’d say 8 or 9 and up, depending on the particular kid), it’s a very funny movie. 5. Frankenweenie is the natural successor to Nightmare Before Christmas and the Corpse Bride, so if your kids could handle those, they should be okay with this.

Is Hotel Transylvania worth seeing?

The movie was definitely worth the time. No need to see the first two movies in my opinion, but you could always read a plot summary of the first two movies if your concerned. The story, animation and casting was really good. It’s a kid’s movie for sure.

What accent does Dracula have in Hotel Transylvania?

In other words, whenever vampires speak, they will inevitably have an Eastern European or Slavic accent. In the novel Dracula the character of Count Dracula is said to be a Szekely, a Hungarian-speaking ethnic group still found in Romania.

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Is Mavis a vampire?

Mavis is a vampire with pale skin, blue eyes, and short jet black hair with bangs. She wears a black turtleneck dress with long black fingerless lace gloves, black and red striped tights, and red Converse.

Did Dennis and Winnie zing?

Winnie. Wayne and Wanda’s well-behaved daughter. She is Dennis‘ friend, though she is shown to have a crush on him and considers him her zing. According to Dennis, he is too young to zing; this could be attributed to him not being emotionally mature enough yet to face having such feelings for his best friend.

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