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Often asked: Legoland San Diego Hotel?

Which is better Legoland Hotel or Castle Hotel?

There is probably more for kids to do in the Legoland Hotel, but the Castle Hotel is quieter. If you want “theme” rooms, the Legoland Hotel is better, but if you like more normal hotel rooms, I would go with the Castle Hotel. Castle has a better pool and play area for kids. You can use the restaurants at both.

How much does it cost to stay at the Legoland Hotel?


Provider Nightly total $139
TripAdvisor $139
Priceline $169

Is staying at Legoland hotel worth it?

It was definitely a splurge for our family, but we soon discovered that there were so many perks to staying at the hotel that it really was worth it to stay at the Legoland hotel for the experience! My kids really loved it and we had a lot of fun as adults too!

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Is Legoland hotel made out of Legos?

LEGOLAND® Resort Hotel

Themed hotel with interactive LEGO features throughout. A variety of LEGO themed rooms – Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure, LEGO NINJAGO or LEGO Friends.

How many days do you need in Legoland?

The LEGOLAND® Theme Park includes more 50 rides, shows & attractions, and we recommend a full day to explore. If you are planning on visiting our LEGOLAND Water Park as well, you may want to consider purchasing a second – day two Park ticket as both attractions will most likely take up two days.

What is the best Legoland Hotel?

10 Best LEGOLAND California Hotels for Families

  • West Inn & Suites.
  • Grand Pacific Palisades Resort.
  • Hilton Grand Vacations Club at MarBrisa.
  • Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa.
  • Carlsbad by the Sea Resort.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Carlsbad Beach.
  • Carlsbad Seapointe Resort.
  • Cape Rey Carlsbad, a Hilton Resort.

Is Legoland worth the money?

With mega-theme parks like Disney World and Universal Orlando nearby, we get accustomed to the best-of-the-best when it comes to theming, rides and entertainment on a family vacation. So if you want my short answer, then yes… Legoland is totally worth it.

Does Legoland hotel include tickets?

All breaks include an overnight stay, yummy breakfast plus your LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort Theme Park tickets for a day. Don’t miss out and book your next family adventure today!

What ages are best for Legoland?

While LEGOLAND California Resort is built for kids ages 2-12 years old, our education experiences are geared towards grades K-8.

Does Legoland Hotel have microwave?

There is a mini-fridge in the room, and a microwave is set up in a common area in the hallway. The room comes with a tub of LEGO bricks for you to enjoy during your stay.

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Can you book Legoland hotel without tickets?

If you booked a package deal through LEGOLAND Vacations that included admission, then yes. There is an option to book a room without tickets, so be sure and read all details of your stay before making your purchase to ensure you purchase the right deal for you.

Is there a gym at Legoland Hotel?

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel is an upper-middle-range, medieval castle-themed property with 250 rooms and a convenient location right at the entrance to LEGOLAND. Features include a small gym, laundry room, electric car charging stations, and a zero-entry pool with oversized LEGO blocks, cabanas for rent, and a bar.

Can you do Legoland in a day?

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort is a large theme park with a fantastic variety of rides and attractions suitable for all ages and therefore we recommend a full day visit.

Is breakfast included at Legoland Hotel?

Every stay at the LEGOLAND® Hotel includes a free buffet-style hot breakfast.

How much does Legoland cost per person?

Resort Hopper one-day tickets that also include entrance to Legoland, Sea Life Aquarium and the Legoland Water Park cost $99 adults or $89 for children. This all-access pass will cost a family of four about $360. An annual pass for Legoland costs $129 for adults or $99 for children.

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