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Often asked: Pet Friendly Hotel Melbourne?

Which hotel allows you to bring pets?

Choice Hotels: More than 2,500 Choice Hotels (Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Sleep Inn, Quality Inn, Clarion, MainStay Suites, Suburban, EconoLodge, and Rodeway Inn) are pet-friendly. Choice boasts a number of dog-friendly hotels in some of the most “dog-friendly cities” across the country.

What is the most pet friendly hotel chain?

The Best Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains in America

  • Best Western. As one of the leaders in pet-friendly accommodations, Best Western provides more than 1,600 dog-approved hotels across America, Canada, and the Caribbean.
  • Four Seasons.
  • Loews Hotels and Resorts.
  • Red Roof Inn.
  • Motel 6.
  • Aloft.
  • La Quinta Inn and Suites.
  • Days Inn.

Are pets allowed in Premier Inn hotels?

Can I bring my pet to a Premier Inn hotel? Unfortunately, with the exception of assistance dogs, we don’t allow pets to stay at our hotels.

What hotel chains allow pets for free?

5 Pet Friendly Hotel Chains With No Fees

  • Kimpton Hotels. When we think pets, we think Kimpton.
  • Graduate Hotels. Not only do Graduate Hotels waive extra fees for pets, but dogs also receive a BarkBox upon arrival!
  • Aloft Hotels. At Aloft Hotels, pets weighing up to 40 pounds stay free!
  • Motel 6.
  • Red Roof Inn.
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Can you sneak a dog into a hotel?

“First of all, don’t try to sneak a dog into a hotel. We will always know,” she said. While you may think that you can get your dog in and out undetected in order to avoid paying the fee, rest assured that the hotel staff will know, and it’s not a pleasant conversation.

Do hotels charge extra for pets?

Pet-friendly properties allow two dogs (up to 80 pounds each) in each room. Some hotels also allow other pets, including cats, birds, monkeys, and snakes. Best Western hotels charge a maximum of $20 per day, with a maximum per-week charge of $100.

Do Holiday Inn Express allow pets?

Do Holiday Inn Express hotels allow dogs? Yes, most Holiday Inn Express hotels allow dogs. Generally, the non-refundable fee is around $50, but you should confirm directly with the hotel before booking.

Do Hilton hotels allow pets?

Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Good news for pet lovers — almost all Hilton properties are dog-friendly, so you can rest well knowing that your furry friend will have a place to stay. Non-refundable fees vary by location, but guests should expect to pay around $75.

Are pet friendly hotel rooms clean?

Hotels will deep-clean rooms where guests have been with pets, shampooing the carpet and providing a special cleaner for the furniture, Waithe said.

What does a pet friendly hotel mean?

Petfriendly hotels are hotels which offer a range of amenities designed to accommodate pet owners. In these hotels pet owners get gourmet room service menus for their pets.

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Does Holiday Inn accept dogs?

Holiday Inn is a family friendly hotel chainand many of their locations welcome the entire family – including your pets! Those locations that do allow pets have varying policies regarding pet fees, number of pets allowed, and pet weight limit. Pet fees generally start at $10/night per pet.

Are Best Western hotels dog friendly?

Best Western is the premier pet friendly hotel chain that accepts dogs, cats and other animals. We believe family holidays just aren’t the same unless you bring the entire family, including the animal members. That’s why about 100 Best Westerns are proud to be pet friendly hotels.

Where do dogs stay free?

4 Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains Where Dogs Stay Free

  • Kimpton Hotels. Kimpton has 67 properties in 37 cities across the United States, and pets stay free at every single location.
  • Red Roof Inns. Red Roof Inns not only welcome your pet with no additional fees, but they also offer a 10 percent discount when you check in with your dog!
  • La Quinta.
  • Motel 6.

Do Comfort Inns allow pets?

Comfort Inn & Suite’s pet policy welcomes up to two pets, with a maximum weight per pet. A nightly fee applies to each pet. Pet policies vary by hotel. Guests with large dogs must get approval prior to arrival.

How much does Days Inn charge for pets?

Days Inn. Many Days Inn locations are pet friendly, but not all of them, so you do need to call the location of your choice to confirm. You’ll also need to check the pet weight limits and the number of pets allowed. If they do allow pets, they typically charge a fee starting at $10 each night.

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