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Often asked: Rusty Lake Hotel Walkthrough?

How do you solve the Rusty Lake Hotel?

  1. This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough for the iOS and Android game Rusty Lake Hotel.
  2. Go around the room and give shrimp cocktails to Mr.
  3. Tap on Ms.
  4. Back in the lobby, answer the phone.
  5. Turn around and find the portrait.
  6. Get in the elevator and go up to the 1st floor.
  7. Mr.

What is the secret code for in rusty Lake Hotel?

If you check on your stars from the main menu, you’ll get the secret code 1894 to use in Cube Escape: Birthday, the next game in the series.

How do you get the white beans in rusty Lake Hotel?

White Beans are found behind a mark on Mr. Owl’s picture in the room, if cut with a knife.

Where are the tomatoes in rusty Lake Hotel?


  1. Boar Ribs. The boar ribs are found by killing Mr. Boar in Room 2.
  2. Red Wine. The red wine is found in the lobby of the Hotel during all days, but is only obtainable following the death of Ms. Pheasant.
  3. Tomatoes. The tomatoes are found in Mr. Boars room, and are fished out of his toilet after it overflows.
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How long is rusty Lake Hotel?

All Styles

Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 54 1h 50m
Main + Extras 34 1h 54m
Completionists 40 2h 19m
All PlayStyles 128 2h

Where are the blackberries in rusty Lake Hotel?

Blackberries. The blackberries are found in her room.

What is the order of rusty Lake Games?

  • Timeline. Rusty Lake Wiki.
  • Rusty Lake Wiki.
  • Cube Escape: Case 23. Rusty Lake Wiki.
  • Cube Escape: Paradox. Rusty Lake Wiki.
  • Cube Escape: Theatre. Rusty Lake Wiki.
  • Cube Escape: Harvey’s Box. Rusty Lake Wiki.
  • The Woman. Rusty Lake Wiki.
  • Cube Escape: The Cave. Rusty Lake Wiki.

How do you cut the cake in cube escape birthday?

Use the knife to cut the birthday cake. You need to slice it so each slice has exactly one candle on it. Then take the bloody slice and give it to your father. He’ll pull a needle from his mouth.

What is the story of Cube Escape?

1888: October – The events of Cube Escape: Arles unfold in van Gogh’s bedroom. Vincent van Gogh cuts off his ear. Entering it, he goes to another version of his bedroom. Here, he defeats his Corrupted Soul in the mirror and escapes from his room into the “Starry Night” painting, using a black cube and a white cube.

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