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Question: Desert Palms Hotel Anaheim?

How far is Desert Palms hotel from Disneyland?

Desert Palms Hotel & Suites Anaheim Resort. Experience a pleasant stay at this nonsmoking, 196-room hotel located approximately 2 blocks from the Disneyland Resort.

How far is Clementine hotel from Disneyland?

The Clementine is just over half a mile and an easy 15 minute walk to the pedestrian entrance to the Disneyland Resort. However, many families with small kids prefer to use the Anaheim Resort Transit shuttle system that runs every 20 minutes from the hotel to Disneyland.

How far is the Anaheim hotel from Disneyland?

The location of The Anaheim Hotel can’t be beat. It is a five-minute walk at most to the main drop off location for the Disneyland Resort.

Who owns the Anaheim hotel?

The former Anaheim Plaza Hotel & Suites has been renamed Anaheim Hotel, said hotel owner Good Hope International. The 302-room hotel is on Harbor Boulevard, across the street from Disneyland Resort.

Can you walk to Disneyland from hotels?

You can–and should–easily be able to book a hotel within walking distance from Disneyland. Even if for some reason you book a hotel that isn’t within walking distance, chances are you can cheaply get to it via a hotel shuttle that it offers, or the Anaheim Resort Transit.

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How far is the walk from Disneyland Hotel to Disneyland?

5 miles around 10 minute walk.

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