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Question: Guangzhou Airport Hotel For Transit Passengers?

Can you sleep in Guangzhou airport?

Guangzhou Airport has many lounges. Unfortunately, none have designated sleep rooms or rest areas. If you just want to relax in a comfortable seat, check out this list of lounges in our Guangzhou Airport Guide that you can pay to access.

What is there to do in Guangzhou airport layover?

Should You Do a Guangzhou Layover?

  • 3.1 Wander Beijing Road.
  • 3.2 Explore Yuexiu Park.
  • 3.3 Take a Pearl River Cruise.
  • 3.4 Visit Shamian Island.
  • 3.5 Gorge on Dim Sum.
  • 3.6 Canton Tower.
  • 3.7 Chen Clan Academy.
  • 3.8 Temple of the Six Banyan Trees.

Does China Southern airlines provide hotel for long layover?

China Southern Airlines offers passengers who are qualified for free transit accommodation a free stay for one night (including a free breakfast) and transportation between the terminal and the hotel. For the length of stay, refer to the requirements of the hotel.

Do airlines offer hotel for long layovers?

Most airlines only provide free hotel accommodations for passengers that have a layover between 8-12 hours or overnight. However, each airline is different, so be sure to check your carrier’s website. Some airlines like Air Canada, Hainan, and XiamenAir allow for layovers over 6 hours.

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Is Guangzhou safe for tourists?


In terms of general safety when in Guangzhou, tourists can feel relaxed since it is a non-violent city when compared with other cities of the same size. Petty crimes are common, but the presence of the police, security services, and private security guards tend to stop that.

Do I need transit visa for Guangzhou?

Since June 28th, 2013, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou was approved to execute 24-Hour Visa-free Transit Policy for transit passengers from any foreign countries. The Transit Visa will be exempted if the traveler hold connecting flight ticket to a third country (region) transiting through China.

Are drinks free at airport lounges?

As a general rule of thumb, most things in an airline lounge are complimentary. At U.S. lounges most food and drinks are complimentary, with the exception of premium alcohol and the meals for purchase. In international business and first class class lounges, all food and drinks should be free.

Can I transit through China without a visa?

Foreigners who have confirmed onward tickets and seats on international flights and directly transit through China and stay for no more than 24 hours within the airport boundaries do not need to apply for a transit visa.

How many terminals does Guangzhou airport have?

Guangzhou Airport consist of two passengers terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

What airlines allow free stopovers?

Airlines Offering Stopovers

  • Iceland Air: Stopover City: Reykjavik.
  • Emirates: Stopover City: Dubai.
  • Japan Airlines: Stopover Cities: Tokyo & Osaka.
  • Singapore Airlines: Stopover City: Singapore.
  • Finnair: Stopover City: Helsinki.
  • Thai Airways: Stopover City: Bangkok.
  • Air China: Stopover Cities: Beijing & Shanghai.
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Does Qatar Airways provide hotel for long layover?

Qatar Airways may offer STPC transit hotel accommodation for customers who face extended transit times (between 8 and 24 hours) in Doha, en-route to their final destination depending on the fare and route purchased.

What is the longest layover allowed?

A layover is a connection that lasts no longer than 4 hours for domestic flights and no longer than 24 hours for International flights. Layovers are fairly common, especially overnight layovers, but usually they aren’t long enough to benefit you.

Does airline pay for hotel?

Airlines are not required to reimburse you for any trip costs affected by the cancelled flight, such as a prepaid hotel room, a cruise, a vacation, concert or other tickets, or lost wages.

What happens to luggage during long layover?

When you purchase a connecting flight, checked baggage is usually forwarded to your final destination, and will change planes when you do. When you purchase a layover flight, you will need to claim your bags when you land at your layover destination. Then recheck them the next day when you continue your flight(s).

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