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Question: Q1 Hotel Gold Coast?

How much does it cost to go to Q1 Gold Coast?

Adults: $27pp or 4 payments of $6.75 with Afterpay. Child / Discount Admission*: $19pp or 4 payments of $4.25 with Afterpay. Come back for more with unlimited entry to the Observation Deck for 3 consecutive days.

Where is the Q1 located?

Q1 Tower (an abbreviation of Queensland Number One) is a 322.5-metre (1,058 ft) skyscraper in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.

Q1 (building)

Q1 (Queensland Number One)
Location Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Coordinates 28°00′22″S 153°25′46″ECoordinates: 28°00′22″S 153°25′46″E
Construction started 2002

How many apartments are in Q1?

Only six years after its completion, Q1 is allegedly riddled with corrosion. The body corporate representing the owners of the tower’s 526 apartments is now suing luxury Queensland developer Sunland Group for millions of dollars worth of repairs to the 80-storey tower.

Does Q1 have balconies?

We were excited to stay at the Q1 tower but completely disappointed once we got there. My husband is a smoker so the first thing I look for in hotel room is a balcony so he doesn’t need to go downstairs to smoke.

Are Q1 pools heated?

Please note the indoor heated lap pool is heated to 28 degrees and primarily used for exercising and swimming pool laps.

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How many rooms are in the Q1?


Our one, two, three, four bedroom and Penthouse apartment capture breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, the shimmering sands of Surfers Paradise, sparkling lights of the Gold Coast city and the lush green of the Gold Coast hinterland.

Does the Q1 sway?

The Q1 is taller than the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building and is supported by 22 steel and concrete piles. On a windy day, it can sway up to 600mm — barely noticeable from within the glinting glass and steel but more obvious from the tiny box the window washers occupy.

Is Soul taller than Q1?

Soul is a 243 m (797 ft) tall residential tower local along the Esplanade, close to Cavill Avenue in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It has overtaken Circle on Cavill as the second tallest building on the Gold Coast, behind Q1.

What is Q1 and Q2?

Q1 2021: January 1 – March 31. Q2 2021: April 1 – June 30. Q3 2021: July 1 – September 30.

What is the tallest residential building in Australia?

Australia 108, now officially the tallest residential tower in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia’s latest super-skyscraper – Australia 108 – is now officially the tallest residential tower in the Southern Hemisphere from floor to roof, standing 319-metres tall, 100-storeys.

When was Q1 Gold Coast built?

Q1 Gold Coast History The project to build the world’s tallest residential tower was officially launched on the 28th of June 2002.

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