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Quick Answer: Hotel Del Luna Ending?

Does Hotel De Luna have a sad ending?

Hotel Del Luna” became one of the most popular kdramas of 2019 and one of the highest rated tvN dramas of the year as well. However, its final episode left fans wanting for more, many were left not-so satisfied with the ending and some even called it a sadending.

Did Man Wol kill Chung Myung?

He was captured and killed under the lead of Go Chungmyung, which led to Jang Manwol developing a deep grudge against the latter. He is reincarnated as police detective Park Young-soo, who becomes Lee Mi-ra’s boyfriend (reincarnation of Princess Song-hwa).

Will there be Hotel del Luna 2?

The first season of Hotel del Luna was aired in July 2019 and its last episode ended in September 2019. And we all know, South Korean Drama does not follow with its sequel.

Is Jang Man Wol dead?

As long as the tree remains frozen, so does Jang Manwol. She cannot age or die. She is really neither living nor dead. In fact, I would say that she probably has a little more in common with a deity like Mago than she does with any of the spirits at the hotel.

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Is there romance in Hotel del Luna?

Hotel Del Luna” is the perfect k-drama for romance and ghost lovers!

Who is the last owner of Hotel del Luna?

In the final episode of Hotel del Luna, Kim Soo-hyun became the new owner of Hotel del Luna and changed its name to Blue Moon Hotel. Many viewers wondered if Kim Soo-hyun would be the main actor in Hotel del Luna season 2 because he became the new owner of the hotel.

What is Room 13 Hotel del Luna?

Hyun-joong brings the phone Yu-na found in the bathroom to Man-wol, who then realizes that the ghost in Room 13 is trapping humans through a video. They decide to make Chan-sung watch the video to call the ghost, but the link opens to an empty room.

Does Netflix have Hotel del Luna?

Sorry, Hotel Del Luna: Season 1 is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching! With a few simple steps you can change your Netflix region to a country like United Kingdom and start watching British Netflix, which includes Hotel Del Luna: Season 1.

Why is Hotel del Luna so popular?

Hotel del Luna has great visuals, aesthetics, storyline, chemistry between main characters, great OSTs, and variety in the emotions the audience feel; sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, sometimes we go “awww!” and other times we just fall off our chair in shock.

What’s wrong with man Wol?

After the accidental death of her parents in the wilderness, Manwol was found unconscious by a merchant and his son. She ended up killing many people in order to take revenge and searched for the guest house of moon for the dead to atone for her sins.

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What sin did Jang Man Wol commit?

Summary. Jang Man Wol was punished for her sins which she committed 1300 years ago for being a murderer by the Deity named Mago who has many forms of appearances. The punishment was to run a guest house for ghosts. The guest house was originally named as Guesthouse of Moon before Man Wol’s ownership.

Who is the first guest of Hotel del Luna?

Mago reveals that the firefly is Chung-myung and the first guest. Chan-sung wants to take him to Man-wol, but the goddess asks him to stop Man-wol from disintegrating first, by finding the object she put her curse in. Chan-sung finds Ji-won and tricks him into giving him the moon hairpin back.

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