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Quick Answer: Hotel Hideaway Secret Rooms?

Do hotels have secret rooms?

Across the globe, many properties have accommodations that are hidden from everyone except those clued in to their existence. The hotels use them as a way to delight valued guests or generate buzz.

How do you level up fast in hotel hideaway?


  1. Clothes!
  2. clothes are one of the best ways to get stars to level up in hotel hideaway!
  3. Spins!
  4. spins are one of the best ways to level up at the start of the game!
  5. My room!
  6. get items for your room in carpenter of chance always use your daily box to get stars!

How do I get into the wine cellar hotel hideaway?

The Wine Cellar is one of the most difficult secret rooms to access, requiring 3 people to enter. Inside, you’ll find it to be dark and filled with wine. You can even make your own wine manually with your feet! There are also certain stickers that require you to access this room in order to achieve them.

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How do you secretly book a hotel?

The hotel may need confirmation of your actual identity but they will adhere to the name that you have registered in when booking your room. Whether you book your hotel by telephone, online or in person, it is possible to remain anonymous. Choose a pseudonym, a name that is anonymous and would not really be noticed.

What does secret deal on booking com mean?

A Secret Deal is an exclusive members-only promotion that’s only available to people who have a account or subscribe to our newsletter. This means you can use Secret Deals to target a specific audience who is more active and engaged on our platform than other users.

How do you dance in hotel hideaway?

Gestures are specific movements, dances, and actions that can be performed by your avatar. In order to do a gesture, you must drag your finger from one box to another on the gesture pad, then release it.

Where are the rifts in hotel hideaway?

Find a rift in the Hotel. Tap on it. If your friend(s) wants to join in, they can by pressing the icon that appears above your head until it disappears. If you want to join your friends’ rift, you can press the icon above their head.

How do you get stickers in hotel hideaway?

Go to Fusion Kitchen’s Secret Room, the Wine Cellar. Drink from the wine container for at least 2 minutes. When you get up, you will receive this sticker.

What is the highest level on hotel hideaway?

The current maximum avatar level is 50; prestige gem level 50, where the colour of the gem level 50 is red with all five stars in it.

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What do you do at a hotel hideaway?

10 Hotel Hideaway Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

  • Don’t be Afraid to Meet New People.
  • Get Your Friends in on the Fun.
  • Tier up Your Friendships to Earn More From Rifts.
  • Complete Daily Challenges to Earn More Loot Boxes.
  • Stock up on Different Clothes to Mix and Match Outfits.
  • Complete Clothing Sets and Achievements to Earn Diamonds.
  • Get Free Clothes Every Day.

How do you get more money on hotel hideaway?

You can get coins by:

  1. Visiting the hotel daily.
  2. Purchasing diamonds and converting them into coins in the Gift Shop.
  3. Extracting them from rifts, using your warper. (See our rifts FAQ for details on how to do this).
  4. Watching in-game ads.
  5. Opening suitcases.

Can you trade in hotel hideaway?

Trading isn’t something we‘re planning to ever add to Hotel Hideaway. And apart from that they would have to mess with A LOT in the game.

Can you play hotel hideaway PC?

Based on the new Android 7.1 kernel with high compatibility and frame rate, LDPlayer supports users to run Hotel Hideaway with higher performance on their computers.

How old do you have to be to play hotel hideaway?

Join the fun!

Please note that Hotel Hideaway is for ages 17+.

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