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Quick Answer: Hotel In Yarra Valley?

Where should I stay in Yarra Valley?

Yarra Valley Hotels and Places to Stay

  • Yarra Valley Lodge. View Hotel.
  • Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort & Spa. View Hotel.
  • Chateau Yering Hotel. View Hotel.
  • Yering Gorge Cottages. View Hotel.
  • Healesville Apartments. View Hotel.
  • Sanctuary Park Cottages. View Hotel.
  • Wild Cattle Creek Estate. View Hotel.
  • Yarra Valley Grand Hotel.

What is Yarra Valley famous for?

The Yarra Valley is an Australian wine region located east of Melbourne, Victoria. It is a cool climate region that is best known for producing Chardonnay, sparkling wine and Pinot noir.

Is Yarra Valley worth visiting?

Surrounded by rolling vineyards, quaint towns, dense forests and winding drives, the Yarra Valley is a popular weekend getaway for Melburnians. The Yarra Valley is the traditional land of the Wurundjeri people, who have occupied these lands for 30,000 years.

Is there Uber in Yarra Valley?

Q: are taxis and ubers available in the yarra valley? A: There are very limited Taxi/Uber services operating in our Yarra Valley. Venues will require you to have pre booked and arranged transport for your guests.

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How far is the Yarra Valley from Melbourne?

Yarra Valley is located 1 hour away from Melbourne by car. Take the Eastern Freeway to Maroondah Hwy. Alternatively, travel by train to Hurstbridge, Lilydale or Belgrave.

How do I get from Melbourne to Yarra Valley by public transport?

There are 4 ways to get from Melbourne to Yarra Valley FM by train, bus, taxi or car

  1. Take the train from Melbourne Central to Lilydale Lilydale.
  2. Take the line 683 bus from Lilydale Station/Maroondah Hwy to Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Rd/Warburton Hwy 683.

What is there to do in Yarra Valley today?

Top Attractions

  • Bunjil Place.
  • Coombe Yarra Valley.
  • De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estate.
  • Diamond Valley Railway.
  • Domaine Chandon.
  • Edendale Community Environment Farm.
  • Eltham North Adventure Playground.
  • Global Ballooning Australia.

What towns are in the Yarra Valley?

Yarra Valley Towns

  • Healesville. Healesville, VIC. January 15, 2016.
  • Yarra Glen. Yarra Glen, VIC. January 13, 2016.
  • Marysville. Marysville, VIC. January 11, 2016.
  • Warburton. Warburton, VIC. January 9, 2016.
  • Lilydale. Lilydale, VIC. January 7, 2016.
  • Seville. Seville, VIC. January 5, 2016.
  • Coldstream. Coldstream, VIC. January 3, 2016.
  • Narbethong. Narbethong, VIC.

What is there to do in Yarra Valley for kids?

Top Family Experiences in the Yarra Valley

  • Australian Rainbow Trout Farm.
  • Beechworth Bakery.
  • Diamond Valley Railway.
  • Edendale Community Environment Farm.
  • Gumbuya World.
  • Healesville Sanctuary.
  • Kinglake Forest Adventures.
  • Lake Mountain Alpine Resort.

How many wineries are in the Yarra Valley?

There are now over 70 wineries in the Yarra Valley, including familiar favourites such as Oakridge Wines, Domain Chandon and Rochford Wines as well as innovative newer favourites such as Tokar Estate and Yarra Yering.

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What is there to do in Warburton?

Top Attractions

  • Blue Lotus Water Garden. A unique 14 acre display water garden of Lotus and Waterlilles.
  • Giro Della Donna 2021.
  • Healesville Sanctuary.
  • Lilydale-Warburton Rail Trail.
  • Mont De Lancey Historic Homestead.
  • Rainforest Gallery-Warburton.
  • Rayners Orchard & cafe.
  • Redwood Forest – Cement Creek.

How do you get around Yarra Valley?

Hop It is Yarra Valley’s first and only hop-on-hop-off bus service. Hop It offers a service that allows you to visit the Yarra Valley at an affordable price and plan your own day around a variety of different Hop It Stops. Create your own journey through the Yarra Valley and explore the region your way.

Are there Ubers in Healesville?

There’s no Uber, there’s and it rocks! PS the services offered are local (<10km), then 10-20km and 20-30km in an 11 passenger bus.

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