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Quick Answer: Neutral Milk Hotel – In The Aeroplane Over The Sea?

What is the cover of In the Aeroplane over the sea?

Get ready to order that beer because we’ve got you covered. Neutral Milk Hotel main man Jeff Mangum was the brains behind the artwork for the band’s 1996 debut, On Avery Island, but when the time came to work on the cover for 1998’s In the Aeroplane, he reached out for help.

Is Neutral Milk Hotel still together?

When Neutral Milk Hotel disbanded in 1998, the subsequent cult following propelled the band into a new level of stardom, which led many fans and journalists to call Neutral Milk Hotel an important indie rock band.

Where was in the Aeroplane over the sea recorded?

Recording. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea was produced by Schneider, and was recorded from July to September 1997. It was recorded at Pet Sounds Studio in Denver, the home of Schneider’s friend Jim McIntyre.

Is Neutral Milk Hotel Emo?

Neutral Milk Hotel are Emo really

Included mainly to piss off serious indie types who would come out in hives to have their holy grail of taste, 1998’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea being tarnished with something as crass as the E word.

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Who is the lead singer of Neutral Milk Hotel?

For the most part, the mythology around Neutral Milk Hotel has existed beyond their control. Their singer and leader, Jeff Mangum, is certainly a part-recluse, but beyond anything he’s simply a man who called it quits at the very moment his band saw their name in lights.

Is Holland 1945 about Anne Frank?

This song was written by the lead singer, Jeff Mangum. Like most songs on the album it is about the story of Anne Frank, who was a young girl living in the German-occupied Netherlands during World War II. While hiding from the Nazis, she kept a diary that has since become a classic piece of literature. >>

Does Jeff Mangum love Anne Frank?

Mangum’s fascination with Anne Frank’s story resulted in the band’s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, one of the most beloved and unusual cult albums of the late 20th century. Songs like “Holland, 1945” and “Ghost” resurrect Frank’s story with an odd mix of historical detail and hysterical longing.

What happened to Jeff Mangum?

Occasionally, Mangum flitted ever so briefly into the public eye. He released a disc of field recordings of Bulgarian folk music, then disappeared. All we really know for sure is this: According to his record label, Mangum now lives in New York City. He recently married filmmaker Astra Taylor.

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