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Quick Answer: Sama Sama Hotel Klia2?

How do I get to Sama-Sama hotel from KLIA?

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) Information

Upon clearing customs, turn right and look out for the elevator to go to Level 2. There will be signs leading towards the SamaSama Hotel. A complimentary 2-minutes buggy service is provided near KLIA Food Court area.

Can we sleep at klia2?

With the establishment of the Capsule by Container Hotel at klia2, transit passengers at the klia2 airport can grab a few hours of shut-eye on a bed instead of lounging in the public areas. You can enjoy a good rest here because the check-in counters at the Departure Hall are just 8 minutes walking distance away.

How can I go to Sama Sama Express?

Make your reservation now! The SamaSama Express KLIA is located at Satellite “A” Building, Mezzanine Level, Gate C5. It is also adjacent with gate C1 and C3. Should your flight arrive at Gate G & H you are required to take an aero train from the Main Terminal Building to Satellite Building area and proceed to Gate C5.

Is KLIA2 only for AirAsia?

The klia2 terminal accommodates flights for these airlines: ✈ AirAsia (AK series flights), ✈ AirAsia X (D7 series flights), ✈ AirAsia Indonesia (QZ series flights), ✈ AirAsia Zest (Z2 series flights), ✈ Thai AirAsia (FD series flights), ✈ Cebu Pacific Air (5J series flights), ✈ Jetstar Asia (3K series flights), and ✈

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Is food free at Plaza Premium Lounge?

What facilities are available at your lounges? In general, we provide comfortable seating, complimentary food and beverages, and a selection of newspapers and magazines. Please select your preferred lounge by starting from the “Find Lounges” section for details.

Can I sleep in airport lounge?

Head to Airport Lounges

The downside is that most lounges aren’t open overnight. There are exceptions though, such as the Plaza Premium Lounge in Hong Kong. However, many lounges allow you to buy a day pass, which can get you access to food, showers and a place to rest if you didn’t get much sleep the night before.

What’s the difference between KLIA and KLIA2?

KLIA1 used by Malaysia Airlines and other international [national] carriers, and KLIA2 used by Air Asia. They are not separate airports, they are just different terminals. It is not possible to transit airside within KLIA1 and KLIA2. KLIA1 and KLIA2 ARE the same airport!

Which airlines operate from KLIA2?

Airlines operating at klia2 terminal

AirAsia (AK flights) AirAsia X (D7 flights) AirAsia Indonesia (QZ)
AirAsia Zest (Z2 flights) Thai AirAsia (FD flights) Cebu Pacific Air (5J)
Jetstar Asia (3K flights) Scoot (TR flights) JC Cambodia (QD)

How far is KLIA1 to KLIA2?

The KLIA and klia2 are principally setup as 2 terminals in same area separated by a 2km distance. It is estimated to take 4 to 10 mins, depending on transport options, to travel between these 2 terminals.

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