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Quick Answer: The Gibson Hotel Dublin?

How far is the Gibson Hotel from Dublin City Centre?

the gibson hotel is at only 10 minutes’ walk from the ccd and 4 minutes by car. parking discounts for conferences attendees are also available.

How far is the Gibson Hotel from 3 Arena?

hotel beside 3 arena

When you think of hotel’s near the 3 arena, the location of the gibson hotel is as close as it gets. Forget trains, planes and automobiles, we are a 20-second walk to the 3 arena door!

How many Clayton hotels are in Ireland?

It is the largest hotel operator in Ireland with 7,101 rooms available across owned, leased and managed hotels. As of February 2020, the company operates 32 hotels across Ireland (25 owned, 7 leased) as well as managing 3 on behalf of external parties.

How many Clayton hotels are in Dublin?

With 8 locations across Dublin, make the most of a breakaway in Dublin’s fair city with choice of room only and bed & breakfast rates!

Who owns the Clayton Hotels?

Dalata Hotel Group PLC consists of two distinct hotel brands, Maldron Hotels which is our first developed hotel brand and Clayton Hotels which has been introduced more recently.

How many hotels does maldron have in Ireland?

Make the most of our convenient locations, affordable rates, spacious bedrooms, state-of-the-art leisure centres, gourmet dining, award-winning service and lots more in between at 18 Maldron Hotels and 3 partner hotels. Browse our many locations and choose your next hotel break.

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How many hotels do Dalata own?

Dalata is the largest hotel operator in Ireland and we believe the fastest growing operator in the UK. We successfully operate over 41 hotels under Maldron Hotel and Clayton Hotel brands throughout Ireland & the UK, as well as managing a portfolio of Partner Hotels.

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