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Readers ask: Best Hotel Los Angeles?

What is the nicest hotel in Los Angeles?

Scroll on for the full list of the best hotels in Los Angeles.

  1. Santa Monica Proper Hotel.
  2. Kimpton La Peer Hotel, West Hollywood.
  3. Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills.
  4. Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills.
  5. The Garland, Los Angeles.
  6. The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills.
  7. Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles.

What hotel do celebrities stay at in Los Angeles?

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (7000 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles 90028) is not only one of LA’s most famous hotels, but it’s been a favorite hangout for generations of celebrities, having hosted its share of famous guests in its Spanish Colonial Revival rooms.

Where should I avoid in Los Angeles?

12 Things Not to Do in Los Angeles

  • Don’t eat at Pink’s Hot Dogs.
  • Don’t take a star home tour.
  • Don’t shop on Rodeo Drive or The Grove.
  • Don’t hike Runyon Canyon.
  • Don’t go to Hollywood and Highland.
  • Don’t walk the Venice Beach Boardwalk on the weekend.
  • Don’t rely on public transportation or taxis to get around.
  • Don’t go to the Sunset Strip during the day.
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What is the safest area to stay in Los Angeles?

8 Safest Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

  • West Hollywood. WeHo, as it’s nicknamed, is an affluent area situated between Hollywood and Beverly Hills.
  • Glendale. If safety is your main priority, check out Glendale.
  • Marina Del Rey.
  • Playa Vista.
  • Westwood.
  • Beverly Hills.
  • Manhattan Beach.

Is downtown LA safe?

Even though the police patrol frequently, the safest feel is when walking or biking in the daytime. Is Downtown LA safe? There are few places like fourth and sixth streets which are pretty safe, but overall, you have a 1 in 29 chance of being a crime victim in downtown LA.

How far is Venice Beach from LAX?

How far is it from Venice Beach to Los Angeles Airport (LAX)? It is approximately 4 miles to get from Venice Beach to Los Angeles Airport (LAX). 7 дней назад

What is the most luxurious hotel in Los Angeles?

The 15 Best Luxury Hotels in Los Angeles

  • Sunset Marquis. Boutique Hotel, Luxury.
  • Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills. Resort.
  • Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills. Hotel.
  • Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel. Resort, Spa Hotel, Hotel.
  • The Beverly Hills Hotel.
  • The London West Hollywood.
  • The Hollywood Roosevelt.
  • Hotel Bel-Air.

Where do most celebs live in LA?

L.A Neighborhoods: Stylish Celebrities, Hot Spots, Cool Stores

  • Neighborhood: Calabasas. Famous Faces: The Kardashian-Jenner clan.
  • Neighborhood: Malibu. Famous Face: Miranda Kerr.
  • Neighborhood: Santa Monica. Famous Face: Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • Neighborhood: Venice. Famous Face: Kate Beckinsale.
  • Neighborhood: Beverly Hills.
  • Neighborhood: Bel-Air.
  • Neighborhood: West Hollywood.
  • Neighborhood: Hollywood.

Where do the rich hang out in Los Angeles?

20 Places In LA Frequented By The Rich And Famous (Outside Of The Cliché Hollywood Spots)

  1. 1 Largo At The Coronet – Comedic Gold.
  2. 2 Nobu – Celebrities Everywhere.
  3. 3 Soho Malibu Beach House – Hello Malibu.
  4. 4 Joan’s On Third – New York Style Deli.
  5. 5 The Melrose Trading Post – Vintage Finds.
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What is the ghetto part of Los Angeles?

In terms of bad neighborhoods in Los Angeles, that same research shows the highest rates of crime occurring in Chesterfield Square, Watts, Exposition Park, Chinatown, Crenshaw, Fairfax, and Hollywood.

What is the most dangerous city in Los Angeles?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Los Angeles, CA

  • Central City. Population 54,475. 79 %
  • Hollywood. Population 90,322. 78 %
  • Westlake. Population 125,087. 57 %
  • Jefferson Park. Population 8,745. 38 %
  • Fashion District. Population 2,466. 35 %
  • Wholesale District-Skid Row. Population 7,245. 33 %
  • Venice. Population 32,773. 30 %
  • Mid City. Population 146,100. 14 %

Is La dangerous for tourists?

Yes, it has a reputation for being somewhat dangerous but it is also known for being a clean and safe holiday destination. The high crime rates MIGHT alarm you, but in comparison to other big cities in the US, Los Angeles has “the largest decline in crime of any major American city” – according to the FBI.

Where should a first-time tourist stay in Los Angeles?

Firsttime visitors usually stay in hip and happening Hollywood, near attractions like the Walk of Fame and Universal Studios, or posh Beverly Hills, home to the designer shops of Rodeo Drive. Young couples and travelers love West Hollywood (WeHo) for its funky bohemian style and eclectic shops.

Is Miracle Mile La safe?

One of the more famous areas of Los Angeles, and very popular with tourists, Miracle Mile is almost a love-letter to the automobile. This popularity as a tourist hot-spot is one of the reasons for its relative safety as a place to stay.

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Is Beverly Hills expensive?

Beverly Hills is the Most Expensive Place in the World to Get Into the Mansion Market. Beverly Hills has long been synonymous with expensive mansions, and a new report out from Christie’s International Real Estate (via Forbes) confirms they’re top of the heap.

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