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Readers ask: Blue Lagoon Iceland Hotel?

How much does it cost to stay at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland?

First, there’s the cost of entrance, which is 40 euros if you book online, and 45 euros if you just walk in. If you want to rent a towel, that’s another five euros; a bathrobe, another 10, and cocktails are seven euros each. Without eating anything, you’ve spent at least 55 euros, which at the moment is roughly 60 USD.

Where should I stay in Blue Lagoon Iceland?

Hotels with great access to Blue Lagoon!

  • The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland. Hotel in Grindavík. Great location.
  • Hotel Berg by Keflavik Airport. Hotel in Keflavík. Great location.
  • Nupan Deluxe. Hotel in Keflavík. Great location.
  • Hotel Asbru by Keflavik airport. Hotel in Keflavík.
  • Hotel Keilir by Keflavik Airport. Hotel in Keflavík.

Is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland worth it?

Stopping off at this Iceland lagoon between the airport and Reykjavik is a great way to break up your trip, and as you sink yourself into its warm, 38-degree mineral-rich waters, you’ll realise that this is well worth the experience, no matter how long or short your trip.

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Can you stay at the Blue Lagoon Iceland?

Yes, access to the Blue Lagoon is included with your stay at the Retreat Hotel. You can freely enter the lagoon from the Retreat Spa. The only limitation is that you must use the lagoon during its normal hours of operation.

Do I need flip flops for Blue Lagoon?

If you would like to wear flipflops, you may bring them with you or purchase them at the Blue Lagoon reception desk. Water shoes are allowed, but we don’t offer them for sale.

Does the blue lagoon smell?

There’s a lot of sulphur in the lagoon, which is why it has a distinct smell – one which will not be pleasing to most. The bad news is that the aroma resembles rotten eggs. The good news is that after a few minutes you won’t be able to smell it at all.

How long do you need at Blue Lagoon?

Typically, guests enjoy the water for two hours. After soaking in the mineral-rich warmth, people generally seek nourishment by snacking at Blue Café or dining at Lava Restaurant. In total, on average, visitors spend four hours at Blue Lagoon Iceland.

Is food expensive in Iceland?

Cook Your Own Food

I found food to be the most expensive thing in Iceland. Eating out, even on the cheap, costs about $15 USD or more per meal. Something from a sit-down restaurant with service can cost $25 USD or more! Make sure to shop at BONUS food stores as they have the cheapest prices.

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Do you have to shower before Blue Lagoon?

All guests must shower—without a swimsuit—before entering the Blue Lagoon. Use of shower gel and hair conditioner is complimentary.

Does Iceland smell like a fart?

Everything smells like farts

The water in Iceland is heated by harnessing the volcanic landscapes geothermal energy, which then then runs straight to your tap. So whilst it is super fresh, it is also super sulphuric, making it smell like you’re changing the diaper of a baby grown on a diet of Indian food and asparagus.

How much money do you need for a week in Iceland?

A week like that would come to 172,000 ISK, or 24,700 ISK for the day. With one all-included Reykjavík Bar Crawl for 14,900 ISK and a trip to the world-renowned Blue Lagoon, the week goes up to 193,000 ISK or 27,600 ISK per day.

Is the Blue Lagoon dangerous?

Firefighters are giving people a strong warning to not visit Buxton’s Blue Lagoon after locals reported people going there on a daily basis. The dangerous waters have a PH level close to bleach, which can give people severe skin irritation. Crews are joining Derbyshire Police in warning people to stay away.

Is the blue lagoon clean?

Regular sampling of this natural resource—which is rich in salt, silica, and other minerals—shows that foreign bacteria do not thrive in the lagoon’s ecosystem. Thus, disinfectants such as chlorine are not needed. In essence, the lagoon is a self-cleaning ecosystem.

Is Blue Lagoon better at night or day?

If you plan to visit the Blue Lagoon at night, you better book early. Most people would choose to see it at night. You’ll still have plenty of privacy though. There’s only one major disadvantage – your pictures cannot describe what your eyes can see.

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What should I bring to the Blue Lagoon?

What should you bring with you to the Blue Lagoon?

  • Hair brush (super important since the Blue Lagoon can make hair especially brittle)
  • Clarifying shampoo (if you plan on getting your hair wet)
  • Makeup.
  • Waterproof phone case for photos.
  • Flip flops.
  • Change of clothes.
  • Hair tie.
  • Bathing suit.
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