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Readers ask: Hotel California Palm Springs?

What is the most luxurious hotel in Palm Springs?

The 13 Best Luxury Palm Springs CA Hotels

  • Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs.
  • La Quinta Resort and Club.
  • Miramonte Resort and Spa.
  • Parker Palm Springs.
  • Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa.
  • Renaissance Esmeralda Indian Wells Resort and Spa.
  • Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage.
  • Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa.

Where do celebrities stay in Palm Springs?

Check out these nine spots with a notorious past to current celebrity havens to give yourself a self-guided star tour.

  • Ingleside Inn via Instagram.
  • Carlos Pacheco via Flickr.
  • Robby Virus via Flickr.
  • Michael Dollan via Flickr.
  • Paul Kaplan Group via Instagram.
  • Highlimitzz via Flickr.
  • The Monkey Tree Hotel via Instagram.

What area of Palm Springs is best to stay in?

If you want to visit Palm Springs without a car, the best area to stay is Downtown, around Palm Canyon Drive. What is the best hotel in Palm Springs? La Maison Hotel, located south of Downtown Palm Springs is the top-rated 5-star hotel in town.

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Is downtown Palm Springs Safe?

Downtown is safe, but as with any busy tourist destination, keep an extra eye on your valuables when exploring. Regarding safety, there are some spotty areas of North Palm Springs, sections of Cathedral City, and most of Desert Hot Springs.

Is Palm Desert better than Palm Springs?

Then Palm Desert is a better place to rest your head. You can stay at one of the many country clubs or hotels that reside on golf courses, or rent a house and try a few different courses. There are hundreds! Palm Springs does have a few golf courses, but if you’re an avid golfer, Palm Desert is a better fit.

What is the best time to go to Palm Springs?

The best time to visit Palm Springs is between January and April when the weather is the most hospitable. Fall’s temperatures are almost as nice, but unless you love the heat, we wouldn’t recommend visiting in the summertime when daily highs regularly reach the triple digits.

Where do the Kardashians go in Palm Springs?

The single-story house sits on the Madison Club, “the most exclusive private residential community in La Quinta,” according to the Madison Club’s website. The house has a 100-foot all-side infinity pool that flows into the grassy outdoors, according to

Where do the Kardashians stay in Palm Springs?

Jenner dropped a pretty penny to secure this exclusive one-story home in La Quinta, just outside of Palm Springs. It sits inside the uppity Madison Club, a golf resort where properties easily cost well into the millions (though we’re not sure how many of the Kardashian-Jenners actually golf).

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Why is crime so high in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs police attributed the rise in crime to a combination of factors but said the most influential was the city’s role as a tourism destination, which attracts both visitors and thieves. Millions of tourists come to the city to relax, and criminals know this offers lots of cash-rich “easy targets,” said Sgt.

Is tap water safe in Palm Springs?

Drinking water provided by the district meets all federal and state water quality standards. Water filters may change the taste of tap water, but they are not necessary.

What’s so special about Palm Springs?

Palm Springs, California, was once the proverbial playground of movie stars, but now it’s a fun and laid-back destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a posh desert getaway. With a focus on art and design, Palm Springs is the perfect blend of nature and sophistication, with just the right amount of kitsch.

Is Palm Spring Safe?

Compared to the other cities in California and all other cities across the US, is Palm Springs safe? From the gauges displayed above, you will notice that Palm Springs is safer than 11% of other cities in the state of California. In addition, Palm Springs is safer than 11% of cities in the entire United States.

Is Palm Springs expensive to visit?

You should plan to spend around $165 per day on your vacation in Palm Springs, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Also, the average hotel price in Palm Springs for a couple is $191. So, a trip to Palm Springs for two people for one week costs on average $2,305.

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Is Palm Spring a good place to live?

Palm Springs is a great place to live

“It’s so easy is to live here. Everything you want is nearby, and there are many great things to do. Palm Springs is the axis point of affordable California living and full-scale luxury amenities.

How many days do you need in Palm Springs?

3 or 4 days sufficient for first time visit to Palm Springs.

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