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Readers ask: West Baden Springs Hotel?

Is West Baden Springs Hotel open?

Important Update. Important Update: At this time, our three hotels, dining venues and resort events are open to overnight guests only. French Lick Casino and the Donald Ross and Valley Links Courses are open to the public.

What movie is being filmed at West Baden Springs Hotel?

The West Baden Springs Hotel is the site of filming for the movie “So Cold the River,” based on a novel of the same name by Michael Koryta.

How much are rooms at West Baden?


Provider Nightly total
TripAdvisor $201

Who Owns the West Baden hotel?

In the spring of 2006, HLFI West Baden deeded the West Baden Springs Hotel to the Cook Group for a token amount in appreciation for the $35 million already invested. Restoration of the hotel resumed in the summer of 2006.

Which French Lick Hotel has the casino?

French Lick Springs Hotel joins stylish American sophistication with contemporary, family-friendly leisure. An ideal destination for celebrations or relaxing getaways, with everything from children’s activities to spa experiences to casino nightlife.

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How much is a room at French Lick Resort?


Provider Nightly total
TripAdvisor $169

What movie is being filmed in French Lick Indiana?

A production company filming a movie in French Lick is in need of some well-dressed extras; 500 well-dressed extras, actually. 1804 Productions and Pigasus Pictures, the team behind “The Good Catholic” and “Ms. White Light”, are shooting a feature film in Southern Indiana from late January to late February.

How did French Lick in get its name?

French Lick got its name from the early French settlers and the “mineral licks.” French traders came to the area and discovered the mineral springs bubbling from the ground in the vicinity of what is now French Lick.”

How far is French Lick from Bloomington?

The distance between Bloomington and French Lick is 43 miles.

Who owns the casino in French Lick Indiana?

French Lick Resort Casino

French Lick Resort
Signature attractions Two golf courses; designed by Donald Ross (1917) & Pete Dye (2009)
Notable restaurants 1875: Steakhouse hagans
Casino type Land-Based
Owner Orange County Holdings

What is French Lick famous for?

Franklin D. Roosevelt announced his intention to run for president at a National Governors’ Convention held at the French Lick Springs Hotel. The town is famous as the hometown of NBA great Larry Bird.

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