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Readers ask: Who Owns Sandstone Point Hotel?

Who owns Eatons Hill?

Family-owned Queensland company, the Comiskey Group has taken ownership of the Samford Valley Hotel. The group behind the Eatons Hill Hotel, Sandstone Point Hotel and Beachmere Hotel have a history in both hotels and shopping centres.

When was Sandstone Point built?

is now open! 35 hectares of waterfront land is the setting of the new Sandstone Point Hotel. It’s stage one of a $50 million dollar development opening its doors to the public on 3 June 2015.

Are dogs allowed at Sandstone Point Hotel?

For everyone’s information you are not allowed to have animals inside the hotel due to licensing issues. We were allowed to tie up our dog against the outside fence just this once however never again. We have crumbed fish, chips and a scollop.

Can you swim at Sandstone Point?

Sylvan Beach is one of the most popular of Bribie Island’s beaches due to its safe swimming and family friendly features such as picnic and barbeque areas, playgrounds and toilets. The beach also has a boat ramp if you want to bring your own or hire a boat and explore the island by sea.

When did Sandstone Point Big 4 Open?

The new Sandstone Point Family Holiday Resort is nearing the end of construction and run by BIG4 Holiday Parks the resort will open to the public on 1 November 2018.

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How is sandstone formed?

Sandstones are clastic in origin (as opposed to either organic, like chalk and coal, or chemical, like gypsum and jasper). The silicate sand grains from which they form are the product of physical and chemical weathering of bedrock.

Can you walk across Bribie Island Bridge?

The Bribie Island Bridge pedestrian underpass is a shared user path that provides a pedestrian link under the bridge between Sylvan Beach Esplanade and Welsby Parade Bongaree.

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