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Sky Tower Hotel Auckland?

What is the difference between Sky City Hotel and SkyCity Grand Hotel?

5 answers. They are both part of the sky city group. Skycity hotel is in the same building as the sky tower and the casino and is a 4 star hotel. Sky city grand is the 5 star hotel which is a separate building across a lane, also connected to sky city by an air bridge.

How much does it cost to go up the Auckland Sky Tower?

Sky Tower admission

Ticket Type Price
ADULT 15 years and above $32
CHILD 6-14 years $13
CHILD 5 years and under FREE
CONCESSION Students Valid ID required $23

How many steps are in the Auckland Sky Tower?

The Sky Tower is also the venue of the annual “Tower de Force” competition. It includes a climb up 1,226 steps (out of 1,267 total steps), and various other military skills tests that change yearly.

Do you have to pay to go up the Sky Tower?

You Can Go Up The Sky Tower For FREE!

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Does SkyCity Grand have a pool?

SkyCity Hotel does not have a swimming pool. SkyCity Grand Hotel has a lap pool.

Can you walk up the Sky Tower?

Sky Tower. Take in the spectacular views of Auckland while walking around the 1.2 metre wide platform a dizzying 192 metres up! A full body harness and overhead safety lines keep you safe as you walk the edge of Sky Tower’s pergola.

How do you get to Sky Tower Auckland?

We are a quick 10 minute walk from Britomart – Auckland’s central bus and train station, and the Intercity Bus terminal is right on our doorstep. For free bus, train and ferry information, please contact the MAXX Contact centre on +64 9 366 6400 or visit to use the online journey planner.

What can you do at the Sky Tower?

At the base of the Sky Tower, the SkyCity Auckland entertainment complex is home to two world-class hotels, Auckland’s premier dining precinct with over 20 bars and restaurants, a 700 seat theatre and a world-class Casino*. There is a lot to explore at SkyCity Auckland. *R20 to enter the Casino.

How many floors is Sky Tower?

How Many Floors Are There in Sky Tower? The longest dungeon you’ll have encountered in the game so far, Sky Tower is a whopping 34 floors high, with a wide variety of Pokemon that changes as you go higher up the tower. The checkpoint is between the 25 and 26th floor, and Rayquaza, surprising nobody, is at the peak.

Why is the Auckland Sky Tower red?

Heart Foundation Medical Director, Dr Gerry Devlin says “the Heart Foundation is proud to make these announcements on World Heart Day, and with the support of SkyCity, to be able to light Auckland’s Sky Tower red, joining with the global heart community, and paying tribute to all who have lost a loved one to heart

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Is the sky tower taller than the Eiffel Tower?

At 328 metres (1076 feet), the Sky Tower is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand and the tallest free–standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere. It is 8 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris and 24 metres taller than the Sydney Eye.

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